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Development center and business support Siriului

Location: Bucharest

Area: 5068.5 square

Start Date: March 2012

Completion: April 2013


Office building S + P 5 E 6 retired
System Design: To execute executed excavation to a Berlin-type support with piles of concrete and metal profiles embedded.
Infrastructure: general foundation of reinforced concrete;
Superstructure: columns, beams and concrete floors. Floors are provided with post-tensioned reinforcement.
External closures: glass curtain walls with finuri and parasols, Trespa cladding, aluminum composite and thermal.
Interior: flooring technology, ceilings, glass balustrade, granite plating.
Equipment: sanitary, heavy-current and low voltage electrical, HVAC, bransamete water / sewer, gas, electric and BMS.

Garda Financiara - Costanta

Investitie: “Amenajare si supraetajare constructie existenta pentru sediu Garda Fianciara sectia Constanta”
Beneficiar: “Garda Financiara sectia Costanta”
Suprafata totala: 4883 mp
Suprafata construita: 700 mp
Locatie: Constanta
Descriere: Realizarea unei supraetajari din structura metalica, acoperis din panouri termoizolante, ichideri cu pereti cortina si aluminiu compozit, amenajari interioare, instalatii termice, sanitare si electrice, amenajari exterioare – platforme din beton pentru parcare, alei carosabile si spatii verzi, realizare put pntru ascensor atasat cladirii si realizare centrala termica.

CSD Headquarters

Location: Bucuresti

Developed Area: 1,670 sqm

Start Date: May 2006

Completion Date: December 2006


Company head quarters: B+GF+2, in house design, mixed structure,

Concrete flooring, cylinder angled curtain wall, aluminium façade and exterior decorative cassettes joined with ondulated metal sheets, special designed aluminium sun blockers, interior aluminium decorations, special granite plating, decorative masonry, HVAC system, industrial resin.

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Vulcan OB

Location: Bucuresti

Developed Area: 2,800 sqm

Start Date: September 2004

Completion Date: July 2005


Office building: B+GF+2, consolidated and refurbished concrete and brick structure, in house design, extension to existing building, independent fittings, HVAC system, class A finishing, granite and marble plating, mechanized interior and exterior masonry, light wall compartments, natural and artificial lighting systems


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Location: Bucuresti

Developed Area: 825 sqm

Start Date: January 2004

Completion Date: September 2004


Office building: B+GF+3, in house design, concrete structure, industrial roofing with medium profile trapezoidal metal sheets, mineral wool and bituminous membrane, various façade with cassettes, mineral wool and sinusoidal metal sheets, decorative cassettes, aluminium composite, decorative covers, multiple interior decorations, compartments, marble and granite plating, aluminium joinery.


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